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Social Media Reality Check

As a self-employed professional, I finally had to admit to myself that I am overwhelmed by social media for a multitude of reasons:

  • Too many options:
    • Which options make the most sense for my business?
    • How to stand out and be heard/seen?
    • What are the costs involved across all platforms?
  • Too much time and energy to do it well
  • How to have a consistent brand/message/focus?
  • I tend to use it as an excuse to avoid reaching out to potential clients more directly through networking, warm-email prospecting, and even cold-calling.

It can be a real balancing act to implement an EFFECTIVE strategy.  If you’re struggling with overwhelm, check out my complimentary SOCIAL MEDIA PLANNER, which you can find on my RESOURCES page.  Social Media Planner (7.2018)

No matter how active (or inactive) you are across different platforms, take some time this week to create a SPECIFIC action plan:

  1. What’s your primary marketing objective and is it different from one platform to the next? If yes, specify.
  2. What are the intended results you’re expecting to accomplish?
  3. What marketing materials do you need to have/need to develop that portray you and your business in the best possible way?
  4. What time, money, and other resources are needed to reach your objectives?
  5. How will you measure results?


Social media is just one tactic/strategy in your Marketing Toolkit.  In most cases, it should not be your only method of filling your marketing funnel.  Using my SOCIAL MEDIA PLANNER, take some time this week to create a detailed ACTION PLAN that won’t consume you.


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