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I can’t believe it’s June!  Where does the time go?  If you’re goal driven–whether it’s a list of New Year’s resolutions, work or business deliverables, or some other form of “just do it” list, June is a good time to review your progress.

So, how would you rate your progress?  Are you on track or have you misplaced your list?  Wherever you are in your progress, mid-year is a good time to reevaluate your goals and objectives for 2017.  Here are some questions to get you started:

  • How do I rate my progress on my 2017 goals?
  • Where am I off track and, more importantly, WHY am I off track?  (Some ideas:  your list of goals is unrealistic, you don’t have a clear action plan; you’re wasting time on unimportant tasks; you keep adding to the list;  your goals aren’t prioritized; you’ve lost interest; you’re unwilling to delegate….)
  • Were my expectations reasonable?
  • Am I crystal clear on what I’m trying to accomplish?
  • Do I still care about these goals?  If not, which ones do I need to delete, place on hold, or delegate?
  • Which goals are the most “mission critical” for 2017?
  • What’s preventing me from moving forward?
  • What support/training/information/skills do I need to make progress?
  • How am I going to feel if I don’t accomplish these goals/projects?
  • What are the benefits to me (my team, my business) in meeting my objectives?
  • What are the consequences if I don’t follow through?
  • What I can do in the next 30 minutes/24 hours/30-60-90 days to TAKE ACTION NOW?

There’s still time to make major strides on your goals and objectives for the year, but be realistic:

  •  Focus on the top one to three goals that are most important to you personally or professionally
  • Create mini action plans for each
  • Assign a hard deadline for each one
  • Focus on taking at least one action/shift each day
  • Identify the habits you’ve used previously to accomplish big goals and implement them now.

This Week’s Call to Action:

Congratulate yourself on what you’ve accomplished this year.  Then get cracking on your highest priority goals for the next six months.  Challenge yourself to take massive action.

Try this:  Implement my “90 in 90” challenge:  Identify 90 actions to take in the next 90 days towards ONE specific goal or project.  Those actions can be as small as one phone call.  Brainstorm at least 30 actions to get you started and get them onto a quick list, spreadsheet, or white board.  Keep the list where you can see it.  Check off at least one daily.  






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