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Fearless Freelancers and Solo Professionals Focus on Excellence

Self-employment tests your courage and commitment every single day. Trust me, I know.   

Success or failure is up to you. Lack of focus, negative work habits that pull you off course, isolation, and fear-based thinking will sink you.  

Fear-based freelancers:

  • Are always planning and never implementing
  • Are afraid of looking stupid
  • Keep changing their niche or industry or services
  • Make excuses
  • Blend in, instead of STANDING OUT
  • Think about making the call or taking action…
  • Are slow on follow-through
  • Will work with anybody 
  • Sell based on price because they don’t value what they’re offering
  • Are constantly looking for the #1 secret to success….

I can feel the fear just writing that list….!

FearLESS freelancers:

  • Believe in themselves and what they offer clients in terms of solutions
  • Develop a strong professional identity one day at a time
  • Focus on targeted marketing strategies and implement them unfailingly
  • Develop new methods and approaches to innovate and add value
  • Are creative.  Rather than following the herd, they pilot new ideas
  • Make and share connections
  • Contribute without expecting something in return
  • Attract new business by developing and nurturing relationships
  • Choose projects and/or clients based on the quality of the relationship and the challenge of the work
  • Grow their knowledge base
  • Become a recognized leader who contributes to the business/professional community
  • Create strategic alliances to enhance client value and develop new business
  • Become known as an expert and resource for their clients
  • Focus on multiple streams of income
  • Price their services based on results achieved, not hours spent
  • Do their best work always
  • Decide which clients or projects are not right for them
  • Make no excuses

FearLESS freelancers proceed boldly every single day. They have clear business objectives. They take action.  They own their success. They focus on excellence. 

Are you ready to tackle your fears?  Draw a line in the sand for yourself and COMMIT.


Start each day by asking yourself if you’re standing in FEAR or POSSIBILITY. Stop letting fear pull you off course. DECIDE today to start taking yourself and your business seriously. 

Implement the daily habit of identifying one BOLD action that has the greatest potential to move your business forward and act on it.  Do the same thing tomorrow and the day after that.  Track your progress.  DO EXCELLENT WORK!  And always remind yourself that if you don’t believe in what you have to offer, how can you possibly expect clients to?

“You don’t regret the past. You regret the present.  You regret the past only when you’re not wildly in love with all you are right now and all you are experiencing in this time.  Change the moment before you, and you change how you feel about everything…” (Tama Kieves, A Year Without Fear)




Fearless Freelancers and Solo Professionals Focus on Excellence
Kathleen Romaniello

Kathleen Romaniello

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