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Does your Marketing Plan Need an Overhaul?

"If you orient your entire business to serving customers, you will be more successful.  This means you don't sell your services. Rather, you use your skills to help customers meet their needs."  (Rick Crandall, Ph.D.) Do you find yourself constantly asking yourself where the clients are and why you're having so much trouble finding them? The first step is to assess your marketing plan.  If you don't have a written action plan, that's your highest priority.  If you do have one, are you actually using it?  How do you track its effectiveness?  When was the last time you upgraded your strategies? Before you do anything else, you need to figure out where in the marketing cycle you're under-performing. Is your…

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Just Do it

If you find that your work days seem to get away from you, make it a habit--starting TODAY-- to refocus your priorities on a DAILY basis. The keys to staying on track are to review your progress DAILY and to ask more questions before jumping in.  Here are some that can help you get and stay on track. Nurture the habit to start and end  your day going through each of them.  These questions will help you focus your day and bring you back to center if you end up off track.  Used consistently, you will accomplish more and reduce your stress and anxiety. Bonus tip:  If you oversee other employees, share these questions with them.  It's a great way…

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The Thursday Project–A Workable Strategy to Gain Traction on Big Goals

Do you have a big, bold, scary, secret, wild, bodacious goal you're trying to tackle?  Are the days, weeks and months slipping away and you can't seem to gain traction? You need to make it a project.  Nobody knows better than I do that mid-career transitions can be time-consuming.  And if you're really unhappy in your current situation, the last thing you need or want is to have your project drag on into infinity.  It's a sure way of driving your goal into the ground. I called mine The Thursday Project.  Having been in my job for several years, I was feeling underutilized, undervalued and under the weather too much of the time.  I'd danced around the edges of self-employment a…

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Fact or Fiction – the Story of YOU

Are you feeling stuck in some aspect of your life? Not sure how you ended up where you are? Not sure how you picked your mate, your career, or the color on your living room walls? Maybe it's time to rewrite the story of YOU. I love to read. Whether it's fiction, biographies, business, cookbooks, or personal development, they broaden my perspective, offer me pleasure, insights and information. From the first few words, I'm pulled in. I'm intrigued or confused or maybe even shocked. But I want to know more. I want to know who did what and why. We may not always admit it, but we read to the end of the book in hopes of a happy ending…

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