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A Mindful Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, as you get ready to relax into the LONG weekend of family (if you’re lucky), football, Black Friday shopping and leftovers eating, take a few minutes to just be.  Take a few minutes upon arising, or step out into the dark night and walk around the block.  Be still.  Be in the moment.  Think about all that you can be grateful for right now.  For just a few minutes, forget about work issues and money issues and world events (and how to get your diet back on track after eating ALL THAT FOOD…) and appreciate all that you have.  Here are a few items on my list this year:

  • My parents–both gone now–I miss them always but especially around the major holidays
  • The absolute delight of my four-legged ever faithful companions–Annie and Noel–and the fact that Noel is thriving after being found between two parked cars last Christmas, and that my 12+ year-old lab, Annie, is still able to manage the stairs a few times a day (thanks to her daily pharmacological cocktail)
  • My business and my clients (and the fact that I’m not out of money….yet)
  • Great friends and good neighbors
  • My abundant vegetable garden, now lying dormant until next year
  • Seinfeld reruns
  • My daily yoga and walking practice
  • The willingness to somehow, some way see my glass always half full
  • My courage in continuing to move forward in some positive way every day even when I don’t feel like it…..
  • Food on the table and a warm house
  • A never-ending stack of new books to read
  • Every sunrise and sunset (yes, I notice them every single day, no matter where I am or what I’m doing)
  • Thanksgiving leftovers (always better the next day)

Life is short.  I’m at that age where there are so many loved ones missing from the holiday table.  Staying mindful helps me enjoy the here and now.  The future will be what it will be; but in this moment, everything is okay.


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