Renaissance Coaching Group


I am a business and personal development coach who helps mid- and late-career professionals look beyond their current role(s) and/or job title and create a new life/work reality for the next chapter in their development.

Whether it’s upgrading your skill set, starting a business, or finally make time and space for dreams deferred, midlife is the perfect time to change direction.

All too often, we allow ourselves to get pulled off course by too many demands on our time and energy.  We keep spinning more plates and saying yes when we really want to say no.  My goal is to help you:

The path of least resistance is to stay stuck.  Isn’t it time to advocate on your own behalf and proceed BOLDLY?  Let’s get started.


A willingness to see yourself as more than just a job title

Giving yourself permission to consider new possibilities

Welcome to Renaissance Coaching

I’m a master life and business coach based in Philadelphia, and I work with midlife professionals who are ready to reinvent themselves.

I support my clients in all aspects of their growth and development.  I ask them to challenge assumptions, push beyond their zone of comfort, strive for excellence, and nurture a high-integrity work environment for themselves and their team.  I help my clients:

Midlife is a pivotal time in your personal and professional development.  It’s an important stopping point to figure out what comes next.  Your reinvention might encompass a new professional path, redefining personal priorities, or getting your finances on more solid footing.  Ultimately, it’s about creating a vision that more closely matches the person you are–or want to be–at this point in your life.

What are your highest business priorities?
What leadership challenges must you navigate?
What internal or external obstacles are hindering your effectiveness?