Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do.  Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.

(Jim Rohn)

Is your business or professional path on track or do you feel like you’ve lost your way?

Whether you’re a small business owner, department or team leader, or freelancer, it can be challenging to stay focused on your highest priorities. 

I help business professionals envision their ideal life and work by collaborating with them and helping them identify and implement high-impact strategies designed to increase their focus and productivity so they can become more profitable without the need to work around the clock.


I work with management-level professionals who are new to leadership, have assumed a greater leadership role, or who are struggling with their leadership responsibilities.

I help leaders, managers, and front-line supervisors identify personal and professional strengths and blind spots and help them strengthen their leadership skill set.  Areas of focus will depend on the client, but may include:

  • Establish a personal management model.
  • Implement strong communication practices.
  • Co-create individual, team, and organizational expectations.
  • Develop their coaching and mentoring skills.
  • Build relationships up, down, and across the organization.
  • Learn skills and strategies to help keep emotions in check and avoid self-sabotaging behaviors.
  • Strengthen boundaries that will enable the manager to achieve personal, departmental, and organizational goals.
  • Greater focus on internal and external customer service.
  • Strengthen their personal foundation to help them become more effective people, personally and professionally.


I work with business owners who are skilled technicians, but need to develop a business and leadership mindset. Given the constant demands on your time, you might resist taking the time to really plan for success.

  • You spend too much of your time juggling too many administrative tasks and not enough time building your business.
  • You struggle to implement an effective marketing strategy and are either inconsistent or constantly trying something new.  You’re not sure what works.
  • Maybe it’s time to bring on a partner or your current team isn’t working effectively.  Your not sure how to address the problem.

When it’s just you calling the shots day in and day out, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and the challenges to success are great:

  • How to position yourself against the competition?
  • How to find your ideal clients and then get their attention in an increasingly noisy world?
  • How to use your time effectively so you’re not working seven days a week?
  • How to maintain a solid personal and financial foundation that will sustain you?

I serve as a brainstorming partner, business strategist and accountability partner.  As a business owner or department head, you need a sounding board and someone to brainstorm ideas and strategies.  When you get too caught up in the weeds, you need someone to help you focus on your highest priorities.  My role is to help you clarify your professional and personal vision, focus on your highest impact tasks, and hold you accountable for the results you want to achieve.

My coaching services are comprehensive and focused on our success.  I’m serious about helping you get the RESULTS you want. Here’s what you can expect from me when we work together:

  • Weekly strategy sessions
  • On demand consulting when and as needed
  • Quarterly half-day planning sessions

Here are some of the things I can help with:

  • Creating development plans for direct reports.
  • Skill building in areas such as marketing strategy, professional and leadership presence, improving communication, and team building.
  • Creating a structure for your business that supports the life you want to have.
  • Implementing processes that help you work efficiently and effectively.  It is possible to run a satisfying and profitable business that leaves you time for a personal life!
  • Develop annual, quarterly, and even weekly goals to keep your business on track.
  • Avoid information overload and prioritize competing business priorities.
  • Build your confidence.
  • Shore up your personal foundation (finances, wellness, family and relationships) so it supports your business.

Each business owner is unique.  My coaching takes a personalized approach that focuses on your highest business and personal priorities.  It is my goal to be a trusted partner that supports your continued success.


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